Colouring outside the lines

Have you ever tried to colour outside the lines? It takes a few years to learn how to colour within the lines and the rest of your life to learn how to colour outside of them, is what I have learned from my daughter. She is still colouring outside the lines, while I am still learning how to take flight.

Few years ago my partner and best friend decided it was high time that we started doing things our way, so we started a real estate consultancy business. Both she and I have been within this business for over ten years, so you might say we were experienced professionals with a different view of life and business.

We have always said that we’d be doing things differently from the rest of the companies on the market and in fact we did do and still are some major things differently.

It was not until the end of the first year when it hit me – ten years are ten years, and wish it or not you become set in your ways. Sometimes you do or say things automatically just because you have done it over and over again. I then started having this almost physical desire to implement big changes little by little. Having a partner who would tell you in your face when you have not been up to your par helps “a little”. I then started consciously to put effort in order to escape the tracks, which was quite cumbersome at times.

I remember writing down “I have to do better differently every single day.” One of our day’s influencers Robin Sharma said “Change is hard at the beginning, messy in the middle and beautiful at the end”. As for me I am still in the middle as there is no end, there is always more to do and to do it better.

What is my point, why should we colour outside the lines? Because things get repetitive, mundane i.e. we are sitting at this exact same chair for many years, and what for? We have no time for this. Life isn’t long enough for us to sit in the same place day in and day out. We have to run fast and evolve. Who is your best critic but yourself? If you know you then you will be your best motivator. You will be the one to come up with solutions which are out-of the-box, because you are responsible for your doings and how you live each day. Because your daughter or your son is watching you and copying your behaviour to the very last detail. Yes, not only you have to colour my dear friend, you’d better do it in a very unique way so that you learn, your daughter or son learn, your amazingly smart friends and clients learn and they see the value of your gigantic efforts, to colour outside the lines.

Take off your business suit colour with colour outside the lines.

Galina Dimitrova


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