Simeonovo Dream


Property Location: Sofia, Simeonovo District

Property type: Residential Complex

Property area: 2 Buildings

Availability: For sale

Simeonovo Dream is a residential complex of two buildings with contemporary architecture, with different types of properties – penthouses, apartments and studios. Both buildings have lifts with direct connection to the underground garages that accommodates 24 vehicles. A small parking lot in front of the entrance of the development is provided for visitors. The security of the residents is guaranteed by 24/7 surveillance. The development is gas-supplied and has its own water-purification utility.

The complex is situated in a communicative place, yet isolated from the noise and clatter of a fast-growing busy city near the Simeonovsko Shousee Blvd., 5 km from the city center and 8 km from the airport. The complex offers functional layouts, panoramic views or own yards, with organized recreation area situated between the two buildings, around the swimming pool as its focal point. It is 1.5 m deep and has a shallow (0.5 m) section for minors. A gym with a sauna welcomes residents nearby and a roof deck with chaise-lounges – opposite. The recreational zone is only accessible to residents and is hidden from the eyes of occasional passers-by in this quiet neighborhood.
The apartments are offered with finishing works, flooring, bathrooms and kitchen cabinets.

Possibility of direct financing by the investor on preferential terms.


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