A Hurricane!

I just read an article, which was a message from a mother to her daughter. Her advice to her daughter was to be a hurricane! Not considerate, not shy, not pretty, not smart, not ambitious, just a hurricane. This moved me deeply! It made me think about how life nurtures us into its innuendo cycle and we participate in it viciously, ferociously, passionately fighting yet another fight, striving to win yet another battle, yet another deal.

How about straight forward? Like a hurricane! How about telling the truth in your face and solving what there is to solve? I am a real estate consultant, so my bread depends on negotiations. This week I had to mediate a transaction where the parties involved, buyer and seller were extremely good negotiators. We were throwing the ball back and forth with an amazing grace, and I was asking myself one only question, why are we doing this? We all know where is the agreement line, why bother going through this process, or are we doing it just for the sport? How are we becoming better by this dunking yet another ball?

Let’s face it, we are getting to be professional football players in the virtual football space, and that’s pretty much that. We might or might not agree on that particular deal, depending on the heights of our negotiation skills (or rather the bottom line), so what? How have I become a better person because of this? I haven’t and you know what? I want to become better person in every experience, nor more beautiful, nor more considerate, nor more ambitious, just a hurricane! Because the hurricane starts slowly and it increases in power by the hit, and so over and over again, until i am a hurricane…


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