Sofia Ring Logistics Park


Property Location: Ring Road, Sofia

Property type: Warehouse & Complimentary Office and Retail Space

Property area: 9,740 sq.m.

Availability: Upon request

Additional Information: Sofia Ring Logistics Park has a total built-up area of 9 740 sqm, distributed as follows: ∙ 8 467 sqm warehouse area (Section B), divided into 7 units, with total number of 16 loading ramps with 1,10 m with hydraulic adjustable platforms; ∙ 1 273 sqm commercial areas and offices (Section A) divided into separate areas of different sizes. Parking spaces and access for disabled people. 67 parking spaces for cars and buses, spaces for trucks, as 13 of the them are for visitors, located in front of the show – rooms in section A (incl. two spaces for disabled people).


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